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Learning Tracks

Tomorrow's Leaders will have access to the National Professional Development Learning Series. Throughout 2021 there will be 5 Learning Tracks consisting of 4-6 sessions each, all virtual and free to attend.

Tomorrow's Leaders are invited to attend multiple or all tracks in the series. Registration for each track will open 1-2 months prior to their first session.


2021 Professional Development Learning Series Schedule:

1. CF 101: Cystic Fibrosis In Real Life (February-March)

We're kicking off the first Learning Track by exploring what life with cystic fibrosis looks like. Exploring perspectives of people with CF, family of people with CF and CF researchers; attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how cystic fibrosis affects a variety of people across the country while providing materials to learn more at your own pace.


2. Finding Financial Wellness (April-May)

The Finding Financial Wellness track is about taking control of your financial situation and creating the life you want to live, both today and tomorrow. It is never too early to start identifying goals and preparing a plan for the five life stages; entering the workforce/early career years, family and career building years, the pre-retirement years, early retirement years, and later retirement years. Start today!

3. Self-Improvement: Creating a Well-Rounded Life (June-July)

When we're always on the go and pulled in different directions, it's good to focus on yourself.  Learn ways to a be better you and improve your quality of life at work, personally and beyond!

4. Personal Branding: How the World Sees You (August-September)

Personal Branding is more than just your "LinkedIn" profile. Personal branding is how you create goals, set a vision and present yourself to your networks, community and the world around you. Join this learning track to gain a deeper understanding of how you can create your own personal brand and master skills to put your best self forward.

5. The Power of CF Advocacy (October-November)

We have the power to fight for people with CF and ensure they can get the specialized care they need to stay healthy. Join us in October and November to learn: What it means to be an advocate, How to get started, and How your voice has the power to inspire action and shape public policy.
Check with your local CFF staff member or email for more information.